Linear Guides

Precision Linear Guides with Caged Balls and High Load Capacities including Radius Rails

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Precision and Rolled Ballscrews with Caged Balls

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Rotary Bearings

Precision Crossed Roller Rotary Bearings to Replace Angular Contact Bearings, Robot Bearings

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Precision Linear Splines, Rotating Nut, Block Style , Flanged and Cylindrical

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Mechanical Grippers TRX

Human Hand Design Robotic Grippers

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Actuators Motors and Drives

Precision Linear Actuators Matched to Servo and Stepper Drives  Sealed, Clean Room, Linear Motor and  Ballscrew Actuation

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Protective Covers

Molded Bellows

 Available in a wide variety of constructions and fabrics, from molded to  sewn for virtually all applications. Many available from stock. 

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Custom Bellows

 Conforming to size or construction requirements of the user, Centryco  offers a full line of way covers in standard materials or today's  high-tech fabrics. Construction types range from sewn or stitchless,  made via sonic or radio frequency welding. 

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Metal Screw Covers

 Helically wound metal spring guards made of 1095 polished blue carbon  steel provide long life and maximum protection for your rods, shafts and  screws. 

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Pleated Screens

 Perma-Pleated Screens provide a new and economical form of protection.  These crisply pleated screens are ideal for medical or coordinated  measuring machine applications. 

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Planetary Gearboxes

 Tailored to your needs, Planetary boxes deliver the ultimate  power density for compact drives. Options include standard or high speed  versions, right angle versions,  and optional slip-on shaft at the gear output. 

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Servo Gearboxes

 Our Servo products include low-backlash planetary gearboxes as well as servo  actuator systems, servo motors, linear systems and sensors. 

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Linear Systems

 Linear Systems are tailored to linear applications in the  with smooth running positioning accuracy and feed  force requirements 

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TRX Smart Actuators