SCARA Robots

4 Axis SCARA Robots Standard and Inverted options.

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Articulating Robots

Welding, Inspection, Machine Tending, Clean Room , Food Grade, and Collaborative Applications

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Palletizing Robots

Palletizing Robots  stack goods of various sizes in specified patterns on pallets.  They help to automate a wide range of logistic operations with high speeds and a variety of stacking patterns

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Controller Software

Fast Processing High speed CPU

Teach Pendant is compact and easy to use

Outstanding Functionality

Safety Functions , support for Performance Level d is Standard

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Vision System built into the Controller and Teach Pendant.

Automatic Exposure Function improves resistance to Ambient Light

Improved Hardware Performance and Faster I/O


Auxiliary Axes, Rotary Turn Tables, 7th Axis Sliders, and Pillar Lifters

Custom End Effectors, 3 Jaw Servo Grippers, Linear Axes, and Rotary Axes